Is it true bottled water can wear away the enamel off your teeth? It’s common knowledge that acidic foods and drinks are not good for our teeth. Without diving too far into a chemistry lesson on acids and bases, a simple explanation is an acid has a pH level below 7. Tooth enamel dissolves at a pH of 5.5. Many sports drinks, sodas or citrus juices have a pH level of around 3.5. Is bottled water the safest beverage of choice? The answer may be no! Many bottled waters are labeled as spring water, when it fact they come from aquifers. Their low pH levels are about the same as many other highly acidic drinks. You can check out a chart of popular bottled water brands and their acidity at In the meantime, take care when drinking to prevent acid erosion. Do not swish or hold beverages in your mouth, and do your best to drink the bottle within 40 minutes. And of course, brush well and often.