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At Delmarva Dental Services, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to address your aesthetic needs. Our cosmetic dentists perform procedures such as porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, teeth whitening, and others that can create a beautiful smile you can wear confidently. It is our goal to use our advanced dental skills paired with innovative technology to give you a one-of-a-kind experience and a vibrant new smile.


Smile Design and Cosmetic Imaging

A smile design from one of our experienced dentists is an opportunity to evaluate the aesthetic condition of your teeth and gums. During the exam, photographs will be taken from different views while you are resting, smiling, and speaking. This shows not only what you see in the mirror, but also what others see that you do not. Measurements and tooth shades are also recorded, which will be taken into consideration. Our dentists can design different cosmetic options, which can then be imaged using your photographs. This allows you to see the “after” before committing to a procedure. This “sneak peek” can illustrate how crowns, veneers, and other cosmetic dental treatments might appear.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can be a good option for patients who wish to conceal chips, gaps, cracks, or other perceived flaws, upgrading the overall appearance of their teeth. Our dental veneers are handcrafted by daVinci Dental Studios. This process, unlike pressed veneers, gives a natural look where no two patients are exactly alike.

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Teeth Whitening

Bleach away surface stains with our professional teeth whitening procedures. We offer a variety of in-office and at-home treatments that include the use of whitening trays or strips to help you effectively brighten your teeth.

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Cosmetic Gum Lift

Extra gum tissue along the teeth can create the appearance of a “gummy smile.” To restore balance and symmetry, we can use advanced laser technology in a cosmetic gum lift treatment to remove excess gum tissue. This precise treatment can be virtually painless, and often does not require extensive recovery time. When combining a gum lift with porcelain veneers, the impression can be taken at the same time. This is unlike traditional gum lifts, which require weeks of healing.

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Cosmetic BONDING

We offer cosmetic dental bonding to improve the appearance of teeth that have been affected by chips, cracks, gaps, or discolorations. We utilize advanced bonding materials, comprised of either plastic or resin, that are applied to the surface of the tooth to conceal these perceived flaws. The material is shaped and smoothed to create as natural an appearance as possible. We can typically complete this procedure in one office visit. Expected results should include attractive, long-lasting bonding that can provide the tooth with a strong supportive structure.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic has been around for many years. When we think of BOTOX® injections, most of us think of erasing lines and wrinkles in an attempt to regain a youthful appearance. However, BOTOX® injections can do so much more. This product is designed to relax your facial muscles, making it hard to pinch up your face, creating the look of lines and wrinkles. You are still able to make facial expressions, but your muscles are relaxed.

BOTOX® Cosmetic In Dentistry

We use BOTOX® injections in dentistry to help address a gummy smile. This product can help relax your lip so it does not come up as high. In turn this can hide more of your gums, creating a prettier smile. We want to help make your smile as pretty as possible and sometimes that means more than just working on your teeth.

Snap-On Smile®

There are many great cosmetic dentistry procedures that have developed over the years, like bleaching, plastic bonding, and porcelain veneers. Now there is an innovative cosmetic dental prosthesis called Snap-On Smile®. It is a flexible plastic resin appliance, custom-made in a lab, to fit over your teeth. This is accomplished with no needles, drills, or alteration of your existing teeth.

With Snap-On Smile®, impressions of your teeth and bite are taken and recorded. You then select the color and design of your new teeth. There are a variety of movie star smiles and other smile choices in the catalog we have to choose from. You may prefer the Cameron Diaz or Britney Spears smile or you may want a smile that reflects your own unique personality. Your Snap-On Smile® is made at the lab and you will receive it at your next office visit. It is adjusted for that perfect fit and feel, so you can leave with your new smile. There are no adhesives and you just snap it into place. However, you should clean it daily and leave it out while sleeping.

Our patients love that the Snap-On Smile® is affordable and much less costly than traditional cosmetic treatments. Individuals who fear the dentist will like the simple, non-invasive way it is made. Snap-On Smile® is ideal for weddings, proms, and senior portraits. It is also great for those considering investing in no preparation Lumineers®, a type of porcelain veneer, but who want to test it first. It can be used to replace missing teeth, similar to a bridge, and works well for individuals with gaps between their teeth. It is not recommended for people with flared teeth or to cover over cavities and gum disease. The Snap-On Smile® makes it easier to have the smile of your dreams in a snap!

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