The staff at Delmarva Dental Services will thoroughly explain all the dental treatment options we offer. Each treatment is designed to look and feel great, while creating optimal dental health. We can be thought of as “Your One Stop Dental Shop,” providing care for toddlers to seniors. Our dental procedures range from root canals to dental implants, gum surgery to general dental practices. We even provide facial cosmetics utilizing BOTOX®. Delmarva Dental Services wants you to be pleased with your dentistry results, no matter if you have a complete smile makeover with a knockout Hollywood smile or if your child receives a dental sealant to match their tooth color. Ideally, we strive for our patients to have smiles that function well and feel better than before their treatment with our dentists.

Delmarva Dental Services believes that the treatment you receive should be long-lasting. To stand by this mindset, we will explain the average time your results should last from your various treatments.

Since 1980, Delmarva Dental Services has continually improved. We have grown from one dentist, one hygienist, and two staff members to four dentists, eight hygienists and 14 staff members. We offer extended hours, dental financing options, and patient comforts such as cable TV with stereo headphones and custom monitors that can be viewed from any position. Our patients can watch TV or a movie during their treatment. We also provide oral sedation for apprehensive patients. Most of all, our staff are here because they love helping people. We want to be your family dentist!


Family Dental Care

At Delmarva Dental Services, we welcome patients of all ages to receive dental care from our team of highly-qualified hygienists and experienced dentists. From exams and cleanings to our various other family dentistry services, we strive to provide a comfortable experience and effective treatment at each of your visits. If you or your child suffer from dental fears, we have options to help temporarily calm these anxieties. We hope that you leave our office feeling we have provided gentle, compassionate, and thorough care.

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Child Care (Dentistry for Kids)

Our dentists have experience working with patients of all ages. We understand that our younger patients may be less than excited to visit us, but we try and provide a positive pediatric dentistry experience to help them feel at ease. We offer early childhood exams as a way for children to get acquainted with our staff at their get-to-know-you visit. Ultimately, we are committed to educating your child on the principles of good dental hygiene, while providing thorough and gentle cleanings. We also offer dental treatments such as fillings and sealants for your child.

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Laser Dentistry

With advances in dentistry, we have been able to incorporate a new approach to traditional techniques with the help of laser technology. We use WaterLase®, a precise laser with water spray, in an array of procedures. This laser dentistry technology is designed to make some treatments more comfortable and more precise when compared to previous techniques.

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Emergency Care

Unfortunately, dental emergencies can happen at any time, often occurring unexpectedly. For these special cases, we are happy to offer our patients effective dental care when they need it. This could include treatments to help reduce pain and prevent more serious damage. We offer quick and easy-to-schedule evaluations.

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Root Canals

Root canals don’t have to be the dreaded procedures you may have heard about. With the skills and care of our dentist combined with advanced treatment techniques, discomfort can be significantly minimized and you can attain effective root canal therapy that is often necessary to eliminate severe pain and other symptoms caused by a damaged and diseased tooth. Root canals can save a tooth from extraction and even reduce serious general health risks that can be caused by an infected tooth.

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