Dr. Joseph P. Harmon and his two sisters grew up in Baltimore County, MD. His father was a mill worker and his was mother was an elementary school teacher. He attended high school at Calvert Hall College, received his B.S. in psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and his dental degree from the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry in 1979. He spent four years in the Army Dental Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and joined Dr. Esham in 1984.

Dr. Harmon has been involved in cosmetic dentistry early in his career. He has been placing Da Vinci veneers since 1987. Dr Harmon received advanced training in cosmetic dentistry at Louisiana State University Dental School in 1997.

Dr. Harmon has created many smile makeovers at Delmarva Dental Services. No two are the same. Each one is customized to the individual needs and appearance of each patient. Dr. Harmon also provides general dentistry including implant surgery and restoration. He is especially gratified when a patient with a complete denture, after having implants, can chew foods they haven’t been able to in years. He likes to swim and is a devoted family man. Dr. Harmon lives in Salisbury with his wife Rae, five sons, and one daughter.

How to Pick a Cosmetic Dentist (What the Heck is a Cosmetic Dentist?)

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years. Prior to the 1990s, very few dentists considered themselves a cosmetic dentist. Today, most every dentist claims to be a cosmetic dentist; however, there are significant differences in the services that are provided, as well as the skill levels.

Since there is no real definition of cosmetic dentist, how as a patient do you know how to pick a cosmetic dentist, or if your dentist is a cosmetic dentist? There are certain basic services that should be offered cosmetically. Plastic fillings for back teeth, all-porcelain crowns with no metal, porcelain veneers, and at least one convenient form of teeth whitening (either whitening strips or tray whitening) should be available. In the ultimate cosmetic practice, the following services should be provided:

Photography is important for several reasons. It allows the dentist to study the patient’s teeth and gum display while smiling and speaking from different viewing angles. It also allows various Smile Designs to be developed and computer-imaged. In this way, a patient can choose the design they like best prior to treatment. If you are having cosmetic dental treatment more extensive than whitening and no one is taking photos, RUN! Delmarva Dental Services is proud to provide all of these services.

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