Comprehensive Oral Care

Our experienced dentists are dedicated to improving our patients’ oral health. Our oral check-ups and professional dental cleanings allow us to clean your teeth and gums and check for tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Delmarva Dental Services not only corrects the damage but believes in prevention as well. That is why we offer saliva testing for bacteria, viruses, and genetic susceptibility to disease. Delmarva Dental Services can also provide many preventive measures, such as probiotics, for your oral health.

Learn more about the comprehensive general dentistry services we provide.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many cosmetic dentistry techniques can blend the line between science and art, providing beautiful results that look natural. We offer a number of treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth and gums and allow you to restore confidence in your smile.

Learn more about our long-lasting cosmetic dentistry options.

Restorative Care

Many of our patients have experienced dental issues that affect the way they look and how their teeth function. At Delmarva Dental Services, we strive to provide effective treatment options for dental problems such as missing teeth, damaged tooth structure, and decay. Dentures, fillings, dental implants, and other restorative options can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and functionality of your teeth.

Learn about our custom-designed restorative dentistry treatments.

Sedation Dentistry Options

There are some patients who live in fear of visiting the dentist, suffering from what is known as dental anxiety. We understand these fears and offer sedation dentistry options to help our patients relax during their dental procedure.

Learn about the sedation dentistry options we provide at our dental practice.

Periodontal (Gum) Treatments

Using advanced technology, our skilled staff can check your mouth for gum disease and offer treatments to minimize the spread of infection. We also provide saliva testing. Laser gum treatment allows us to address problem areas without harming healthy gum tissues.

Learn about our gum care treatments to improve the health and appearance of your gums.

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