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Smile Design

A U.S. News and World Report survey found half of all Americans are unsatisfied with their smile, while three out of four believe that an unattractive smile hinders career success. Other recent studies from prominent universities have shown that an attractive smile is one of the most important features of self image. One study showed when people meet a person with an attractive smile, it gives the feeling of honesty, successful pleasantness. Another study showed that when two people interviewed for the same job, with the same qualifications and wearing the same clothes, the individual with the attractive smile was more likely to get the job and even receive a higher starting salary. The purpose of a smile analysis is to determine what would be the most attractive smile unique to the individual person. The color, shape, and position of the teeth are analyzed. In addition the shape and size of the face, skin color, eye color, lip position, and the amount of teeth and gum shown during smiling is evaluated. The image the individual wishes to portray is discussed. At the first appointment with one of our Salisbury cosmetic dentists, a series of photographs are taken as well as measurements of the face and teeth. The data is analyzed, and together with the photos, the ideal smile can be designed. At the second appointment, the smile design can be discussed and the options explained as well. After the smile design you will understand the options for improving your smile, the costs, and the time required to create it.

Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic imaging is the use of a computer and a photograph of a patient where the teeth can be altered to show what the teeth would look like after a particular cosmetic enhancement. In this way a patient can compare before and after photos prior to having any treatment done. Teeth can be lightened, straightened, widened, lengthened, shortened, and spaces closed. Smiles can be broadened and made to look younger. Several photos can be shown of several treatment options. A patient can decide among bleaching, bonding, crowning, porcelain veneers, braces or combinations of these. When cosmetic imaging is used, a person can truly make an informed decision about what cosmetic treatment would best meet their desires.

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