We at Delmarva Dental have many providers and hours available for you and your families emergencies. The following are some of the most common emergencies.


There are 3 primary causes of a toothache; the nerve in the tooth is dying or infected.

There is abnormal pressure on the tooth or there is infection of the gum around the tooth.

Sensitive Tooth

Tooth sensitivity is usually to sweets, cold, hot or biting.  This causes the tooth nerve to become irritated.  It is important to have it assessed because prolonged nerve irritation can irreversibly damage the nerve.  The most common causes of sensitivity are gum recession and sinus pressure.


Swelling is most often the result of an infection in the nerve of the tooth or the gum around the tooth. Swelling requires immediate dental attention.

Jaw Ache

This is usually caused by a tooth infection but in some case it could be trauma to the chewing muscles.  An infection usually worsens whereas muscle trauma usually lessens.

Broken Filling

This can be felt as a hole between or on top of the tooth. Until you see the dentist try to keep it clean. You also can purchase over the counter temporary filling material at the pharmacy and place it in the tooth.

Broken Tooth

This can be felt as sharpness on the cheek or tongue side of the tooth.  Most often it requires a dental crown (cap).

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth will give a sharp electric shock when chewing hard food.  This will not happen every time but when you hit it just right.  It is important to seek dental care ASAP to keep the crack from worsening.

Knocked Tooth Loose or Out

This is not critical if it is a deciduous (primary, baby) tooth. Treatment just consists of stopping the bleeding by applying pressure. If it is a permanent tooth knocked loose, try to position it back in place. If it goes and stays in place seek dental care in a few days. If it won’t go back in or stay in place seek dental care immediately. If a permanent tooth is knocked out place it back in place if clean, wash before if not. If it goes to place and remains without movement seek care in a few days. If it does not go back in or stay in place seek dental care immediately. You can place it in milk until you see a dentist.

Broken Dental Appliance

If it is fixed and not removable seek dental care. If it is removable and not broken more than two pieces it is usually repairable when brought to the dentist.

I broke my tooth, had never been there and they got me in super fast! Everyone was very friendly! Would highly recommend

Heather McCabe

September 12, 2022


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