3D X-ray Cone Beam

Delmarva Dental Services is excited about our 3D Dental Scanner. Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT), or 3D for short, is a refinement to the computerized assisted tomography (CAT scan) used in medicine. The main difference is that the dental 3D CBCT is a highly focused beam to a small area, which drastically reduces the radiation exposure. (See “X-ray Exposure”, “Radiation Table”). It is an important tool in dentistry because it shows teeth and jaws in 3 dimensions instead of the typical 2 dimension. It can show the actual size of roots on teeth to be extracted, proximity of roots to the maxillary sinus, bone width prior to implant placement, and abscesses on teeth that don’t appear on conventional x-rays. There is also program that can show a 3 dimensional model of the scanned area. We can virtually place dental implants in the 3D model and make surgical guides prior to implant placement. This makes implant procedures more predictable, more accurate, less timely, less invasive, less uncomfortable and more successful.

Cosmetic Imaging

“See the after before you begin.” Cosmetic imaging is the use of a computer and a photograph of a patient where the teeth can be altered to show what the teeth would look like after a particular cosmetic dentistry enhancement. In this way a patient can compare before and after photos prior to having any treatment done. Teeth can be lightened, straightened, widened, lengthened, shortened, and spaces closed. Smiles can be broadened and made to look younger. Several photos can be shown of several treatment options. A patient can decide among bleaching, crowning, veneering, braces, or combinations of these. When cosmetic imaging is used, a person can truly make an informed decision about what cosmetic treatment would best meet their desires.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers are used in many fields from industry to medicine and dentistry is no exception. Lasers are not all the same. Different types of lasers and different wavelengths of the same laser are used for a variety of procedures. The advantages of lasers are precision cutting, minimal bleeding, excellent disinfection and faster healing. This cannot be said about any other device. We at Delmarva Dental Services use lasers to diagnose cavities, stimulate healing of wounds and injuries, anesthesia, sterilization of gum disease bacteria, sterilization during root canals and other procedures, and preparation of teeth for fillings.

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is becoming an easy noninvasive alternative to blood testing. It is also advancing in the number of tests that can be done. We perform the following tests here at Delmarva Dental Services; bacteria testing for gum disease, testing for genetic susceptibility to gum disease, fungal testing, HPV, herpes, and others.

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